About Chamblee’s

Chamblee’s Rose Nursery has been located just outside Tyler, Texas, the rose capital of the world for almost 6 decades. First opened in 1953, we are a family owned and operated nursery and rose delivery business. From the very beginning, our specialty has always been beautiful Tyler roses. Our goal is to offer excellent quality roses at a reasonable price. Every rose we grow is guaranteed to be strong, healthy, disease free, and true to variety.

We now operate out of East Dallas, and are mail-order only at this time.

We have over 200 varieties of roses available for shipping directly to your door. Chamblee’s Rose Nursery prides itself in growing some of the finest own root roses in the country. From cutting to finished roses, you cannot beat the quality and care given to a Chamblee’s Rose.

Discover the excitement and serenity of planting and growing the most elegant roses for your garden, landscaping, or patio. Chamblee’s Rose Nursery is committed to offering the highest quality roses, trees, and shrubs to our customers nationwide with friendly, knowledgeable customer service. For more information on our nursery or to order your very own rose, contact us today.